A Graphical Search Engine!

DIVERSUS is the starting point for a new generation of “Graphical Search Engines”.

DIVERSUS connects knowledge in a new way. Our users find their information quicker.





What are the DIVERSUS targets?

Speeding Up Knowledge!

DIVERSUS wants to speed up the knowledge building process.

Knowledge eases the daily lives of everybody. And it helps humanity to solve their problems.



What are the DIVERSUS values?

Solidarity With All Life!

The more dangerous times become due to climate change, the more important solidarity between all living beings becomes.

We want peace, health, development and prosperity for everyone.

Ambassadora Martina Camilleri and Co-Founder Mariusz Kreft explain some of our ideas.

Why does DIVERSUS start video-based?

What's Computer Aided Dialectics?

Building Knowledge By Digital Exchange!

Man has always gained his knowledge through contradiction. Only through the perspectives of others we can understand reality.

Today we can make this ancient technique of knowledge formation available to all through the Internet. DIVERSUS is focused on Computer Aided Dialectics.


Why is DIVERSUS open source?

Knowledge must always remain free!

Our global infrastructure for knowledge creation must be free and transparent. That is why we make our ideas freely available.

People of all skin colours, all religions and all regions of the world are invited to participate in this development.

How is DIVERSUS financed?

Financing in three steps!

We start the Open Source process on a donation basis.

Then we participate in Special Services to drive the development forward.

In the last step we implement “Inspirium”: The crypto currency whose value is based on cognition.