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Our goals in collaboration with indigenous communities:

(Example from our LOI for partners in Brazil. Can be adapted to different regions.)


Indigenous population groups are exposed to high technical adaptation pressure. The technical development of the present is racing and is also arriving as mobile devices in rural and traditional areas. This is both a danger and an opportunity. The danger lies in the fact that the fake news and echo chambers of the various media industries, as toxic floating products, lead to particular distortions in the opinions of media-inexperienced groups of people. This has a particularly strong effect in indigenous groups because they do not produce and maintain their own identity-forming media mainstream, which mitigates the effect of external fake news.  

The chance in this situation is that modern technologies will be introduced which will give indigenous groups the opportunity to explore, consolidate and strengthen their identity through collective communication within their group and through media representation.

The DIVERSUS paradigm supports such identity-generating processes through its technical construction, but which are in full resonance with the media environment. 

The following goals are pursued by implementing the DIVERSUS paradigm in the environment of indigenous groups in Brazil:

Disarming Fake News

Relativizing toxic fake news, in fact false reporting, launched by political actors with distorting intent. The aim is to provide people with a tool to identify fake news as such and thus defuse its harmful effects.

Accelerated Knowledge Building

Rapid knowledge building in all cultural and technological matters of the indigenous population groups.

Identity Building

Promotion of identity-building communication within the group. For example, the recent history of the group can be recorded and presented through the narration of the elders. A growing system of oral traditions that gives the group the opportunity to explore their own origins and present them with confidence.

Open Source

DIVERSUS is an open source project. Since DIVERSUS is a knowledge accelerator and knowledge should be a public good, DIVERSUS was designed to be available to the public as code for free. 

This code is best produced decentralized, by different actors with different interests, so that the diversity of the code production creates a powerful tool for knowledge creation in different directions. 

The goal of this contract is to attract funding and partners who will contribute to the code base of DIVERSUS being expanded by different groups as autonomously as possible.

DIVERSUS e.V. helps in all aspects but is not intended to be a solitary code producer. The aim is to have code produced by people in the indigenous population groups and their immediate environment, which is ideally suited to the needs of the indigenous groups. It is also conceivable that the training of people in these groups to produce code is encouraged.

Code produced in this context should be made available as open source code if possible.

Open Science

DIVERSUS is an open science project that investigates how knowledge creation processes can be accelerated. All research results are always made available to the public in a transparent way. Since we are a very young project, we are still in the theory-building phase and the empirical investigation has not yet begun. However, the aim of this cooperation is to jointly arrive at an empirical study of knowledge-accelerating effects of dialectical systems on groups of people. 

All participants, especially the indigenous groups, should benefit from this research in order to be strengthened in their claim to existence in a rapidly changing world.

The aim is for the indigenous groups to operate their own servers and to develop the technology themselves. The use of the DIVERSUS servers is always temporary. The decentralisation of knowledge, knowledge creation and power is an integral part of the concept and a just power distribution.

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