The very first DIVERSUS video mockup – still full of ideas!

Mai 2017

Founder Martin Sambauer explains in his Vintage Mockup of 2017 the first approach to the DIVERSUS paradigm. In the pic we see DIVERSUS Mindsetter David Weidinger.

This movie was the starting point of a series of mockup movies in which we analysed the potentials of physics based interfaces and the social need for a new communicative infrastructure.

In 2016 we developed a bunch of really bad interfaces, but at least we knew that we wanted to build a “dialectical engine” – our working title for some years.

The last part of the film, with the election animations, was specially created for our submission to the Global Challenges Award. Unfortunately, we didn’t win anything, although we were convinced that we had exactly what they were looking for. We publish these early stages of development because we are convinced that the DIVERSUS open source project can stimulate the collective intelligence of its open source community if everyone shares their ideas as freely as possible.

[ultimate_video video_type=”vimeo_video” vimeo_video_url=”″ vimeo_autoplay=”” vimeo_loop=”” vimeo_intro_title=”” vimeo_intro_portrait=”” vimeo_intro_byline=”” play_size=”75″]

The basic idea for the entire system was born in 2008/2009 but we needed 9 years to boil it down to what it starts to be today. The basic concept for this movie was made in Thailand, when we observed beach crabs and how they were digging mystic cyclic patterns around their tiny holes.