Impressions Of The DIVERSUS Berlin Hackathon

Event happened in March 2018

After our trip to Nepal we invited our community to a Hackathon for two days in order to discuss the ethical value of the project. The video documentation gives some impressions how our community discusses and turns step by step into an open source community.

We don’t know where the superimposed notion of a “Bar Camp” in the beginning of the video came from. Some were assuming that it is an ironic refrence to a bootcamp, in Berlin that’s perhaps more “bar” than “boot”.

[ultimate_video video_type=”vimeo_video” vimeo_video_url=”″ vimeo_autoplay=”” vimeo_loop=”” vimeo_intro_title=”” vimeo_intro_portrait=”” vimeo_intro_byline=”” play_size=”75″]

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Good point, agree. We are currently far from having any artificial intelligence in the system. But how do we plan to integrate it? I personally have some ideas how to use convolutional machine learning interpreting our coloured patterns – could be very helpful, but also dangerous – that’s the reason why I suggest to always indicate the results where machine learning was involved (by colour and/or form and/or other physical properties of the affected nodes), so that people learn to understand the difference between collective human intelligence and artifical intelligence . But our central trick here is: all we plan to do, we will be collectively and dialectically digested in DIVERSUS, togehter with the entire community and world (as far as interested and having access to computers). So the artificial intelligence is under control of the collective human intelligence. Florian said: in the end it will be a mixture of both. Let’s discuss it!

May this be the solution, to try diversus as an enhanced human intelligence, before jumping into artificial intelligence?