Terms of use

Aim of the project

The aim of the project can best be read in our statutes. The point is that we want to build an infrastructure that massively accelerates knowledge formation processes. Mankind needs this in order to solve its homemade problems.

Beta phase

Everything we are currently doing is in the beta phase. This means that technical systems are not stable. Anyone interacting with our prototype must be aware that unplanned effects may occur. Uploaded data can suddenly disappear. Hackers can hack our infrastructure. Functions can become dysfunctional or not function at all. None of this is great, and we are doing everything we can to turn it off.

If you want to turn it all off, it’s best not to complain, but rather donate. Money is one of the major current bottlenecks.

Those who use our infrastructure do so in full awareness that all this can happen and that we may not even be able to react quickly because there is no capacity.

We thank you for your understanding and support.


Whoever uses our prototype declares that he/she complies with the laws of his/her country or place of residence and is responsible for everything he/she uploads to us.

Scrap will get removed

We also delete abnormal scrap without any notice. We are a life-affirming project, which aims that something positive happens on this planet, that the children have a future and that everyone is as peaceful as possible. Anyone who is going against this at an angle can simply be blocked. We are striving for an intelligent, constructive exchange of perspective and we will enforce it with a certain authority. Taking part means accepting.