Navigator Principles For The DIVERSUS Open Source Project

After the vintage movie we were frustrated because we had the impression that something is missing in this approach. It took us nearly 8 month to find out, what it was: orientation. That was the moment, when we integrated the circular timeline into the circle packing approach. We used this already in the whitemovie (video mockup). But we also knew that the developers need a proper briefing for the magnificaton principles and navigational concept how to control the research history and so on. So this video study was like a briefing without words. Perhaps something is in it that we need to come back to in future.

[ultimate_video video_type=”vimeo_video” vimeo_video_url=”″ vimeo_autoplay=”” vimeo_loop=”” vimeo_intro_title=”” vimeo_intro_portrait=”” vimeo_intro_byline=”” play_size=”75″]

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5 out of 5 stars, for an explaining movie without words and no music. Self explanatory! Like the whole system, Human Intelligence at its best.